5 Car Business Ideas – Don’t Let These Drive Away…

World wide car sales for the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years was roughly one and a half billion units. This is therefore a huge opportunity for all those go-getters out there who have been looking for the right business idea. If you are itching to burn rubber and get started then get in and test drive these Car Business Ideas.

1. Find people places to park:

There are many overly congested cities where much of the traffic causing things to slow down is due to people driving around looking for a place to park. Smaller third party websites run by private citizens and local municipalities have already popped up offering services to bring those who want to park.

If you are computer savvy this is a perfect emerging market that will frequent a site with relevant and real time parking data in the cities and towns they live in. The best part is, with the internet you can provide service to markets everywhere.

2. Start a business making cars look like new:

Car detailing is an easily acquired skill and you can impress customers by removing every spec of dirt from their autos. Minimal investment is required and the service is not hard to sell as most people would rather have someone else clean their car for a nominal fee.

Look how far Paul Dalton took the business; he has a long list of celebrity and high net worth clients and spends his days washing Lamborghinis and Austin Martins, chargeing up to 5,000 pounds to wash a car. He applies 6,000 pound a tub car wax from Brazil with his bare hands!