5 Green Business Ideas (That Can Earn More Green For You)

Everyone can use a bit of extra money and it is not all that hard to start a home based business that is environmentally friendly.

If you want to make a bit of extra money on the side and you are interested in the environment, then the following five green business ideas may catch your fancy, or give you ideas…

1. Selling Organic Fruit and Vegetables:

If you have a green thumb and a decent sized back yard, you can grow and sell your own organic fruit and/or vegetables. The first step is to find out what grows well in your area and where you can market your produce. Then buy the seeds and gardening tools and have fun!

Many people are concerned about the amount of chemicals used on commercial farms and would be happy to buy something that is chemical free and has not been genetically modified.

One site that has helpful tips is www.gardenzone.info/index.php

(check out the left hand column for a list of articles on the topic).

2. Herbal Tea:

There are many different kinds of organic tea and each particular kind has its own benefits. Some will help you to lose weight, others will help you relax.

Herbal teas that are purely organic can be a great business to get involved in. You may not be able to grow the herbal teas yourself; instead you would buy them from a company that deals in them, wholesale, and then rebrand, repackage and resell them in your area – or market them online under your own brand.

If this sounds interesting, check out this video for an intro the benefits of and demand for herbal teas:

3. Baking Homemade Goodies:

Many people enjoy baking; why not do something you enjoy and make money from it? You can bake homemade pies with organic fruits that have either been bought or that you have grown yourself.

Everyone likes sweet treats and many people are now stating to realize just how unhealthy store bought treats are. Why not provide a good alternative?

The following site has some good recipes available to get you started:


4. Organic Gift Baskets:

This is a good option if you are artistic and would rather not get down in the dirt and garden. It is as simple as buying a few organic items wholesale, be it teas, fruits, soaps, shampoos, facial scrubs, plus baskets and ribbons and then creating gift baskets.

Gift baskets can then be sold to people looking for ready-made presents for a relative, friend or co-worker.

A good site with tips for creating gift-baskets is:


5. Vermicompost:

Vermicompost is worm castings. In case you are wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to buy worm castings, vermicompost is one of the very best fertilizers you can find, and unlike many other fertilizers, does not require refrigeration. It is about as “green” a business as you can think of!

Check out www.ehow.co.uk/how_6507629_sell-vermicompost.html to find out more about how to start a business of this nature.

We hope these inspire you to start an environmentally friendly business of your own!