A Clever Travel Product For Children

There is nothing more annoying than traveling with bored little ones! Keep kids happy and entertained with this product and the parents will be happy too. You could collect a number of things kids can do in a vehicle at your local dollar store or a warehouse store online. Make different kits for different age groups. Put together kits appropriate to different age groups such as; infants, toddlers, 4-5, 5-8, and so on. You could sell each kit for about $50 each. You can also create separate kits for boys and girls.

Any parent that has traveled even a small distance with their children knows that it is not only torture for the children, but for the adults too. Prepared travel kits for these kids is an answer to many a parent’s nightmare. The more creative you make the kit, the more popular your kits will be. Be sure to offer different kits with-in each age group. This way there will not be duplicate kits for each travel experience.

When making the decisions on what to include in these kits, be sure and make kits appropriate to travel by bus, train, and plane ( which will have boarding restrictions). They will be vital to the trip and the adult’s sanity, so make sure they will be appropriate for the trip. It would be a bad thing if the child were not able to bring the kit on board for the trip. Remember how frustrated the other customers who are boarding along with you will be!

It is always good to include a vast variety of different things in each kit. This way when they get bored with one item they can explore and play with something else for a while. After some time has passed, they will then again be interested in the original item.

Small electronic, or mechanical games, are always popular with children and keep the older ones busy for quite a while. Nevertheless, do not forget the old faithful toys and games of times past. These old-fashioned, simple toys always seem to end up being a child’s favorite toy. Of course, make sure that you do not include loud toys. Anything that makes noise should have headphones included. Be sure to always include any batteries that may be required and even some extra ones for back up.

Offer each kit wrapped like a present for the excitement of the kids. Try to include everything the child might need during a trip too; a small plastic bag to put trash in, a small package of wipes for cleaning their hands, etc.

Books on tape are an excellent idea for children that enjoy reading or enjoy someone reading to them. Be sure to include the matching book, so they can follow along if they wish, or just enjoy the pictures while listening to the stories.

Some parents may prefer building their own baskets. You should offer this option too. Offer to put their choices together, charging a single price for each item they include. You can also offer to include treats that are not perishable, such as crackers, raisins, candy etc.

If you have core kits for each age group, it can help simplify the shipping process. For children that are not traveling by car, it could be helpful to provide the kits in backpacks. They do not need to be expensive, just easy for them to transport.

You should be able to charge about $50.00 for each kit. Remember that the older the child, the more important it is to make the kits appeal specifically to a boy or girl. You do not need to specify the difference; just inform the buyer of the different items included.