A Profitable “Shower Service”

How To Start A Shower Cleaning Service

Soap scum and mildew are problems for everyone with a shower. It is gross and not a place you want to get clean. It is also difficult to clean. Offer to do this job for others that may not be able to, or want to do. You can charge $20 and up for this job. It should take no longer than an hour, even on the dirtiest of showers.

No matter what kind of cleaner you buy, you will probably spend way more time scrubbing than you prefer. This is especially true for those with “dirty” jobs like construction, auto technicians, etc. You will need stainless steel scourers, a nylon scourer and sponge, hand held window razor, liquid bleach, bleach gel, and spray bottles, window squeegee, and assorted cloths. Simply bleach and scrub the shower. Use a spray bottle filled with water to rinse, and paper towels, or cloths, to dry.

We all turn to the shower to clean ourselves after a long day of grime and dirt. However, after washing away all that dirt from our bodies, comes the job of cleaning the shower! Cleaning the shower is something not everyone can, or wants to do. With soap scum and mildew, cleaning the shower proves to be rather gross, and uncomfortable. In fact, there are many people who are more than willing to pay someone to clean their showers. Especially those working in ‘dirty’ jobs like those in the construction and auto technician fields.

Therefore, this is why you can offer your services of cleaning showers. The main things you will need for this service is a commitment to clean the shower, a pair of strong hands and cleaning instruments. It is much better to invest in a few stainless steel scourers, a hand held window razor and nylon scourer and sponge. All needed to help you scrub away all that dirt and scum found on the walls and floor of the shower or tub.

Of course, to clean the scum, you need bleach gel, or powder, and liquid bleach to remove these stains. Just having detergent and soaps is not enough to clean those dirty showers. With bleach, the job of cleaning is drastically reduced. All you have to do is bleach the walls and floors of the shower, and then scrub the scum away. It is best to avoid direct contact with the bleach some have skin that does not tolerate bleach. Use gloves to handle the bleach and also make sure that the room is well ventilated.

After bleaching and scrubbing the walls, clean the walls using a spray bottle filled with water to help you rinse the walls. When you are done rinsing, wipe dry the walls using paper or cloth towels. The shower will have a wonderful appearance after all this work. The process of cleaning the shower will not be that long or difficult. All you will need is perhaps an hour or so, to clean even the grimiest of showers.

When charging for your cleaning services, charge reasonably. If you charge too high a rate, people tend to think twice about hiring you. A rate of about $20 per bathroom is rather reasonable, considering the fact that you can cover quite a number of showers in a day, you can earn quite a lot of money in one day.

The main thing to remember in a shower cleaning service is to maintain regularity in the cleaning services. You could offer to clean the shower on a weekly or twice weekly basis. Once you keep your commitments and clean the showers well, you will find that you gain more demand for your services, and in turn, more of an income. Just offering services in your neighborhood can be sufficient. If possible, you can also have a vehicle for convenience, so that you can cover more homes and get your work finished faster.