Trash Trailer Cash Maker

Waste removal is one of the biggest concerns for Americans. We throw away so much. We have so much clutter. You will need a trailer for this business. When a customer calls you bring the trailer to them, they stack on their trash, and you take it to the appropriate dump. You could charge $80 or more depending on how much the dump charges you for dumping their trash. You will need a full fee list from the dump so you know ahead of time.

Everyone has some form of waste that has to be discarded everyday. Waste removal is one of the top priorities of all towns, cities, and countries. However, proper waste removal is the call of the …

A Profitable “Shower Service”

How To Start A Shower Cleaning Service

Soap scum and mildew are problems for everyone with a shower. It is gross and not a place you want to get clean. It is also difficult to clean. Offer to do this job for others that may not be able to, or want to do. You can charge $20 and up for this job. It should take no longer than an hour, even on the dirtiest of showers.

No matter what kind of cleaner you buy, you will probably spend way more time scrubbing than you prefer. This is especially true for those with “dirty” jobs like construction, auto technicians, etc. You will need stainless steel scourers, a nylon scourer and sponge, …

Get Paid for ADDING Garbage to People’s Homes

“People have started buying garbage” – that seems like an impossible thing, however, that is happening in New York. People will pay you not for cleaning up the garbage but for adding garbage to their home. This business is real fun and what could be better – you even get paid for it.

Here we are talking about converting garbage into a piece of art. See to understand what we are talking about here. You just collect garbage from your city and package it as a piece of art – an artist’s creation.

So how do you go about it?

For this business, you need just 3 things: Garbage, treatment of garbage (so that it doesn’t smell or rot), …

Child Care Provider With A Twist

This is not about the baby sitting jobs that you know of. This is a unique service which provides a lot of convenience to people who are very mobile in their day to day life. It’s good for them since they wouldn’t need to arrange for a baby sitter every time they visit a conference and it’s good for you as you would be earning much more money in a shorter amount of time. It’s a job that will not only earn dollars for you but will also make you popular with the masses.

You will offer your services as a one time baby sitter at events where the attendees are accompanied by children. Your customers could include: Conference Venues, …

A Clever Travel Product For Children

There is nothing more annoying than traveling with bored little ones! Keep kids happy and entertained with this product and the parents will be happy too. You could collect a number of things kids can do in a vehicle at your local dollar store or a warehouse store online. Make different kits for different age groups. Put together kits appropriate to different age groups such as; infants, toddlers, 4-5, 5-8, and so on. You could sell each kit for about $50 each. You can also create separate kits for boys and girls.

Any parent that has traveled even a small distance with their children knows that it is not only torture for the children, but for the adults too. Prepared …