Child Care Provider With A Twist

This is not about the baby sitting jobs that you know of. This is a unique service which provides a lot of convenience to people who are very mobile in their day to day life. It’s good for them since they wouldn’t need to arrange for a baby sitter every time they visit a conference and it’s good for you as you would be earning much more money in a shorter amount of time. It’s a job that will not only earn dollars for you but will also make you popular with the masses.

You will offer your services as a one time baby sitter at events where the attendees are accompanied by children. Your customers could include: Conference Venues, …

A Clever Travel Product For Children

There is nothing more annoying than traveling with bored little ones! Keep kids happy and entertained with this product and the parents will be happy too. You could collect a number of things kids can do in a vehicle at your local dollar store or a warehouse store online. Make different kits for different age groups. Put together kits appropriate to different age groups such as; infants, toddlers, 4-5, 5-8, and so on. You could sell each kit for about $50 each. You can also create separate kits for boys and girls.

Any parent that has traveled even a small distance with their children knows that it is not only torture for the children, but for the adults too. Prepared …

How To Be A Healthy Home Consultant

Everyone considers the home to be “home sweet home”. However, is the home actually sweet? Nowadays pollution has made houses the lurking place of many perils like dust, allergens, chemical vapors, and toxic molds. These pollutants can make the people in the house ill and prevent them from getting better. Therefore, to rid them of these pollutants, you could offer your services to look over their house for a price.

When offering your services, you should be able to look for and recognize all the potential hazards in a house. You should also show them a fire escape plan if they live in an apartment or multiple story building and include any needed steps for fire prevention. You should have …

Look Down For Dough

This may not be a good business for the weary. Offer a service where you drive to people’s homes to cut their toenails. This could be a welcome service for the elderly and disabled. You can charge $20 per cutting and will obviously need toenail cutting equipment, such as clippers, files, sterilizers, etc.

Unfortunately, many people need help with this regular task. If this is something that you have no problem performing, it is the ‘business idea’ for you. Offer a service where you drive to people’s private homes to cut their toenails on a regular basis. Each time you visit, make sure that you schedule an appointment to return, this will assure you of a regular business routine.

Once …

Old Newsreel Profits

Since the copyright is not usually renewed on old newsreels and training film reels, you can copy and resell them. Turn them into DVDs and start selling.

This is one of those ‘business ideas’ that should do well using the Internet to sell items that trigger old nostalgia and memories. Offer a variety of different old newsreels and training films to the public. There are so many to choose from, you could categorize them according to years or subjects. This would depend entirely on how you decide to offer them.

Since you don’t need to pay for these, all you need to do is download them, copy them to DVDs and sell them to interested people that would like to …