Start A Vending Machine Business (And Watch Pocket Change Become Passive Profits)

Many Americans are in search of a successful business that is easy to start up, and will be a way to make money with little effort.

While many believe the premise of little work for high profits is too good to be true, there are home businesses that require little skill and effort.

Running a vending machine business falls into this category.

You see, vending machine businesses pretty much run themselves, and only require trips to refill the machines, handle maintenance and gather profits.

While those who start a vending machine business will require an investment initially, profits are ongoing and you will be able to spend time with the ones you love most.

Vending machines can be found in …

Start a DJ Business (And Rock Your Way to Financial Freedom)

Those who have found financial freedom have learned to make money doing what they truly love. For those who start a DJ business, it is their love of music.

When you enjoy what you work going to work is fun and enjoyable – but that does not always mean that it is easy. Even something as enjoyable as running a DJ business requires some thought and effort.

It is not just about playing music and watching people have a good time. Remember that you must earn a living as well.

Typically, a DJ supplies the music for events like weddings, parties, and other celebrations. They usually supply their own music and equipment.

There are no training requirements to be a …

When The Bills Are Mounting & The Debt Collector Is At The Door,

Many business owners are often faced with the challenge of a cashflow emergency. The bills are mounting up, your getting the telephone calls from the bank because your account is overdrawn, creditors want payment and your stressing out trying to come up with ways to quickly generate cashflow.
This cashflow crisis may have arisen from a drop in demand for your products or service, or it is tax payment time. All you seem to be doing is going to work to pay the bills. You are fast losing interest in your business as you feel like you are losing control.

This is the time when I am often asked to provide consultancy services to these businesses. It is also the …