5 Car Business Ideas – Don’t Let These Drive Away…

World wide car sales for the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years was roughly one and a half billion units. This is therefore a huge opportunity for all those go-getters out there who have been looking for the right business idea. If you are itching to burn rubber and get started then get in and test drive these Car Business Ideas.

1. Find people places to park:

There are many overly congested cities where much of the traffic causing things to slow down is due to people driving around looking for a place to park. Smaller third party websites run by private citizens and local municipalities have already popped up offering services to bring those who want to park.

If you …

Start A Candle Business (And Have Money To Burn)

Starting a candle business is a low risk, high-profit potential business that can be started on a shoe-string budget from the comfort of your home.

The candle business can include manufacture, distribution, and marketing of various types of candles. If you are going for the whole nine yards, you need to first learn how to make candles though.

The process is actually not very complicated but it will take a little time for you to get the hang of things and become an expert in candle making.

As for the distribution of candles in the mainstream market, you will need to establish contact and business relationships with viable channels such as candle shops and online sellers.

This is a rather …

Business Idea 103: Start A Mail Order Business

Start a Mail Order Business and Get Checks Delivered To You
If you are looking for a way to make money from the power of convenience commercialism, an enterprising individual can start a mail order business designed to give customers appealing options for homes and businesses.

Mail order businesses account for some three billion dollars each year by providing a variety of products that are easy to order and receive. So many people find they have little time for extensive shopping at retail stores and prefer to make their purchases from catalogs or online.

Mail orders rely on extensive systems of marketing in order to promote themselves as well as their litany of products. Magazines or catalogs account for sixty …

5 Green Business Ideas (That Can Earn More Green For You)

Everyone can use a bit of extra money and it is not all that hard to start a home based business that is environmentally friendly.

If you want to make a bit of extra money on the side and you are interested in the environment, then the following five green business ideas may catch your fancy, or give you ideas…

1. Selling Organic Fruit and Vegetables:

If you have a green thumb and a decent sized back yard, you can grow and sell your own organic fruit and/or vegetables. The first step is to find out what grows well in your area and where you can market your produce. Then buy the seeds and gardening tools and have fun!

Many …

he Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

It’s a fact that business these days is more competitive than it’s ever been. To stay alive, you just can’t offer a quality product at a fair price. You have to know how to market effectively.
Unfortunately, most business owners have no idea how to get the most out of every marketing dollar they spend.

Here is an interesting point. Most businesses spend more time planning their Christmas party than they do creating powerful, persuasive, marketing communications. Does this apply to your business???

In fact, I would go far as to say that the financial success of any business, big or small, is directly related to how much energy and money it’s leaders can direct to marketing versus how much …