he Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make

It’s a fact that business these days is more competitive than it’s ever been. To stay alive, you just can’t offer a quality product at a fair price. You have to know how to market effectively.
Unfortunately, most business owners have no idea how to get the most out of every marketing dollar they spend.

Here is an interesting point. Most businesses spend more time planning their Christmas party than they do creating powerful, persuasive, marketing communications. Does this apply to your business???

In fact, I would go far as to say that the financial success of any business, big or small, is directly related to how much energy and money it’s leaders can direct to marketing versus how much …

Finally, a Simplified Step-by-Step Way to Create Cash Spitting Ads & Sales Letters … so Easy a Child Could do it!

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

You see I have just been critiqueing some “work” sent in by some of my clients, most of whom claim to have studied my material at least once and to have “followed everything” I have told them to do. Well all I can say is judging by what I’m seeing, it doesn’t show!

It’s the same old same old; no bold headline, no guarantee, no testimonials, no benefits, no bullet points and would you believe it , NO OFFER! In some cases, there is no method of response provided. Now don’t think for a moment that I’m picking on you alone. The truth is, you know more about writing a money making ad than 95% of …

How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

3 Ways To Get Paid Playing Video Games At Home

You might find that your video gaming habit is getting in the way of your making money, or worse yet anything else. Luckily, there are ways to turn your video gaming into cash and get paid to play video games at home. Here are three business ideas to get you started.

You might be thinking of testing games for money, in itself a decent job, one that requires your to have a keen eye and halfway decent writing skills. These opportunities however, are ways to actually get paid to play video games at home, doing what you’re already doing, but with a little cash reward at the end of the …

Start A Vending Machine Business (And Watch Pocket Change Become Passive Profits)

Many Americans are in search of a successful business that is easy to start up, and will be a way to make money with little effort.

While many believe the premise of little work for high profits is too good to be true, there are home businesses that require little skill and effort.

Running a vending machine business falls into this category.

You see, vending machine businesses pretty much run themselves, and only require trips to refill the machines, handle maintenance and gather profits.

While those who start a vending machine business will require an investment initially, profits are ongoing and you will be able to spend time with the ones you love most.

Vending machines can be found in …

Start a DJ Business (And Rock Your Way to Financial Freedom)

Those who have found financial freedom have learned to make money doing what they truly love. For those who start a DJ business, it is their love of music.

When you enjoy what you work going to work is fun and enjoyable – but that does not always mean that it is easy. Even something as enjoyable as running a DJ business requires some thought and effort.

It is not just about playing music and watching people have a good time. Remember that you must earn a living as well.

Typically, a DJ supplies the music for events like weddings, parties, and other celebrations. They usually supply their own music and equipment.

There are no training requirements to be a …