Look Down For Dough

This may not be a good business for the weary. Offer a service where you drive to people’s homes to cut their toenails. This could be a welcome service for the elderly and disabled. You can charge $20 per cutting and will obviously need toenail cutting equipment, such as clippers, files, sterilizers, etc.

Unfortunately, many people need help with this regular task. If this is something that you have no problem performing, it is the ‘business idea’ for you. Offer a service where you drive to people’s private homes to cut their toenails on a regular basis. Each time you visit, make sure that you schedule an appointment to return, this will assure you of a regular business routine.

Once the word gets out that you are providing this service for people, they will be calling to schedule a visit of their own. Make sure that you tell all of your customers that you will give them a free visit, discount, or something for every person that they refer to you. (This is one of the best forms of advertising you can use.) Since this will cost you some profits at first, make sure that you document each time that you give an incentive to your customers, because you should be able to declare this as your form of advertising also.

With a business like this, it is very important that you know what you are doing. Be sure, learn all that you can about providing a service like this, and see what type of license your area may require to perform this service on others. This is important for your own safety and the safety of your customers.

You will need to invest in various types of tools and equipment, such as clippers, scissors, files, sterilizers, etc. You can even offer to provide a footbath before you take care of their nails for an added fee. If it makes the job easier for you, throw it in free of charge. What ever works best for you? Make sure that you always keep your tools clean and sterilized and assure your customers of your insistence on this.

You should be able to charge about $20 per cutting visit. If you live in an area that may require more travel to your customers homes, you may need to ask for more, this is something that you can determine on your own. A reliable vehicle, that is easy on gas and yet able to get you to your customers with your tools is all that is required. Small attachable advertising of your services on the vehicle is a good idea for advertising too.

This type of service will most likely appeal to the elderly and disabled. Since you know this, make sure that you find local neighborhoods that have large populations of elderly and disabled people, make this your target market for advertising. Print up flyers and mail to prospective customers or try to post your information in places that the elderly may frequent.