Make Money As A Nanny P.I.

Nanny Surveillance Service

It is actually healthy for parents to be away from their children occasionally. It is a healthy practice for children too; sometimes children need a break from their parents, as much as parents need one from them. So, they should never feel that they are bad parents if they ask or hire someone else to take care of their children.

Show concerned parents how to be assured of the safety of their little ones when they are not with them. Offer them a surveillance service that will keep an eye on their children and babysitter interactions. You can offer to set up a reliable way to record the goings on in their home while they are gone. Show them how they will be able to watch footage of the day’s activities in their homes.

By offering to provide this service for parents on a temporary basis until they are convinced of the safety of their children, you save the parents from spending a large amount of money installing a permanent surveillance system that they don’t need.

You could easily charge $25-$50 per day for your services. This should appeal to the parents that do not want a permanent surveillance system installed in their home. Try to advertise in magazines and newspapers that advertise childcare, all parents magazines are a good investment too. Where ever there are children’s products is a good choice for advertising. You might even see if you can leave information in local Pediatricians’ offices, they should be happy to be able to offer such a service for their patients’ safety.

This is a wonderful service to offer parents; it should be a quick growing business idea choice for you. Once you start working with parents, they will start telling their friends about your service and you will notice that many of your customers are from word-of-mouth advertising. You may want to think of a way to compensate those that are referring their friends to you. Because this is one of those services that people will probably choose to use more than one time, keep this in mind too. Every time they change Nanny’s or babysitters, they will want to use your service again.