Trash Trailer Cash Maker

Waste removal is one of the biggest concerns for Americans. We throw away so much. We have so much clutter. You will need a trailer for this business. When a customer calls you bring the trailer to them, they stack on their trash, and you take it to the appropriate dump. You could charge $80 or more depending on how much the dump charges you for dumping their trash. You will need a full fee list from the dump so you know ahead of time.

Everyone has some form of waste that has to be discarded everyday. Waste removal is one of the top priorities of all towns, cities, and countries. However, proper waste removal is the call of the hour. People like having people who will take their waste to the dump, for discarding. If you have trailers, and do not mind working with waste, then you could consider starting a business of renting out trailers for trash removal.

You will need at least one trailer for this business and a working phone connection! Whenever a customer has some waste to be disposed of, he or she will make a call to you, wherein you have to take the trailer to their house or business. They will stack the trash in the trailer and it is up to you to take the waste to the appropriate dump. Of course, this service is not free; you charge for it! Charging $80 is appropriate; but this amount depends on how much the dump where you dump the trash charges you. Therefore, to fix your charge, it will be essential for you to get a fee list from the dump. With the proper fee charges, you are prepared to charge your customers a reasonable amount!

You can choose the type of people you will be serving. Residential places have considerable amounts of waste for removal while the commercial units have less waste. However, if you can cater to industrial waste removal, it will prove to be a much better business for you because they have much more waste for removal. Some waste disposal services send over their trailer the day after the phone call is made. It would be better on your part if you provided same-day-service for delivery or pick-up.

When we talk about waste removal, it does not necessarily mean only debris and rubbish. It also refers to furniture that has to be gotten rid off, sod, old computers meant to be discarded and just about anything and everything that is old, worn out or spoilt beyond repairs, and has to be discarded. However, you can offer better-priced waste removal by donating or recycling more than half the waste you receive.

Make it a point to differentiate the waste, recycle all the recyclable stuff, and donate clothes, toys, computers, and other stuff that may be of use in orphanages or some charitable institutions. You are sure to get a feeling of satisfaction for having provided a child with clothes to wear or a toy to play with!

You may receive a sizeable amount of waste to be discarded everyday; however, you can expect to have more business and work in the spring and summer seasons when everyone turns to spring-cleaning. In fact, you may need some extra help in this peak time of waste disposal.

Remember that the main point to remember in waste removal is to maintain a professional image with the customers. Customers always crave exceptional service, a professional image, and of course fair pricing. Charging huge fees will only push customers away from you! Once you establish a professional image, you can expect to see your waste removal business flourish quite well!